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WhyBlueSky - a platform for teachers

WhyBlueSky has been created based on the experience of its Founder Agata Wilam to help teachers to conduct engaging learning experiences during classes. She started the initial content and wanted to test the waters in different parts of the World to see where is the immense demand. After several tests based on social media campaigns, she and her team realized that Nigerian educators show special outstanding interest, so she decided to move forward.

The reality in Nigeria made her evolve her solution significantly due to different conditions from what she knew from Europe. The most exciting aspects which influenced her business model and product:

  1. Entry level of educators - Initial plan of giving lessons failed during the first tests. Educators' education level and understanding of lesson plans differed from expected. Therefore WhyBlueSky had to focus more on training and a proper explanation how what class can look like.

  2. Financing - even though the population and schools in Nigeria are vast, the purchasing power is very little. Based on the unit economics, it would be impossible to break even for Agata in this market. So she converted her business model and source of financing into crowdfunding and grants.

  3. Technology - the initial idea for WhyBlueSky was to create an online platform. But a few technological obstacles appeared and forced Agata to change the product. Lack of stable internet, laptops, and pc (they also have a lot of power shortages in Nigeria) made Agatachange her concept and communicate with educators directly through the Whatsapp application.

If you want to support Agata’s mission to improve education in Nigeria:

Agata was also a guest on the 12th episode of the EdTech Crowd podcast. The interview is available on Anchor and Spotify.

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