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Memby - online 1-to-many business platform

Meeting with Eimantas Bekeza, CEO of Memby from Lithuania, has stimulated me to thing about the dilema of individual tutoring with an average teacher vs. wider audience lecture with extraordinary teacher. The answer for the question which model is better is not obvious and depend on many factors and individual preferences. Eimantas came to this idea after years of tutoring experience when he started looking for more scalable solution of his service. Main inovations:

  • Live but scalable - there are many online courses focused on pre-recorded materials or platforms which match tutors with students. Usually pre-recorded courses require a lot of self-discipline from the student and students struggle to keep their attention due to lack of possible interactions from their side. Matchmaking platforms struggle with scalability and maintaining quality. Memby tries to tackle this problems by live classes with with best teachers.

  • Extraordinary tutors - Memby focus on hiring really extraordinary teachers. Famous instagramers, World’s top-notch univesities graduates, really passionate teachers or people with significant practice in their fields, these kind of tutors create unique teaching experiences.

  • Subscription for a fraction of a regular tutoring price - thanks to scalabilty of this model students can buy acces to monthly lectures and community for a price which is lower than 1 hour tutoring session (for example in Greece, monthly acces for 1 subject cost 16 EUR, when access to all subjects cost 40 Eur per month).

Memby is still young age start-up but defenitely it is worth to watch. They have entered 3 countries so far: Linthuania, Poland and Greece. In 2021 they have raised 1 000 000 EUR from Bright Eye and 4 other investors in their Pre-seed round.

Their websites:

If you want to learn more check new episode of EdTech Crowd Podcast with Eimantas.

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