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Interesting business model - Revas Business Simulation Games

Meeting with Elżbieta Szczepaniak, co-founder of Revas our community member from Poland showed big potential in simulations and gamification of educational experience. Ela and her partner Wojtek have built a business simulation game based on the real problem they saw while working at the university. They noticed that lectures about entrepreneurship and management are very theoretical and do not help to get skills needed in real life. Revas as a product allows students to manage companies from many different industries. They have to make real managerial decisions like hiring, investments, stock inventory, pricing, employee benefits, and so on. It can definitely help to improve students’ immersion and understanding of what running a business really is about.

Few facts about Revas business model:

SaaS - the solution is based on SaaS model which means that customers pay subscriptions for access to the game based on the number of users going to participate in this educational experience.

Wide B2B client portfolio - Revas can be applied in different institutions like high-school students, higher education, corporate training, and vocational training for future entrepreneurs. We can see that the Total Available Market for Revas can be huge and a possibility to sell solutions to the educational sector as well as the corporate sector gives significant diversification.

Universal - despite different tax rates and minor details, running a business is more or less the same in most countries. Therefore it makes it possible for Revas to be applied in any market without adjustments. The main localization can be based on translating the interface. Currently Revas is available in … (countires) and is used by institutions such as…

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