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Find your Grind - platform for self-discovery and career readiness

Nick Gross, CEO of Find your Grind, is one of the most interesting EdTech founders I have met so far. He is a professional musician, a member of the American punk rock band Goldfinger and another band Girlfriends, and an active investor in the music, sports, and entertainment industries. Before he started Find your Grind, he had already been helping young people to find their passion by inviting them to his studio. Based on his own school experience, he decided to go further and did a tour around the USA from school to school helping students to find their passion and understand their future career possibilities. Based on this extraordinary experience he started Find Your Grind.

What is Find your Grind?

Find Your Grind is an online platform that helps students figure out who they are and where they want to go. The platform is focused on school customers who can order a subscription with access to the platform for their students. To start working with a platform, students go through a Life Style Assessment which helps them understand their strengths and matches them with potential career paths suitable for them. After the assessment students can get access to the curriculum which helps them understand different career options, develop soft skills and work on self-development. The curriculum is created by a micro-learning approach and gamification which makes the platform attractive for Gen Z students. Students also have access to Mentoring platform. The other part of the platform is dedicated to parents and teachers allowing them to communicate with students based on the platform's assessment.

The platform is available in 2 different plans: Essential and an extended version - Future Ready Plan. The higher plan consists of more curriculum content as well as some personalized options. For now, both options are available in the USA only, but Nick mentioned expansion plans for the future.

You can find out more in the 11th episode of the EdTech Crowd podcast.

Listen now on Spotify and Anchor!

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