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EdTech Impact - review platforms for educators

Technologies in schools have been appearing for decades but definitely, the last couple of years have accelerated the implementation of different solutions in schools around the world. The early stage of this digitalization brings some challenges. One of them is the lack of reliable information and opinions about the product. Very often teachers, principals, or IT departments have to make a decision only based on the presentation from vendors.

This problem was noticed by Michael Foreshaw, who established the EdTech Impact platform. His previous experience as an IT project manager at a British school made him aware of the problem.

What are the main problems the platform solves?

The educators-oriented platform where they can share and read reviews about EdTech products. EdTech companies can receive feedback about their products (receiving feedback from very busy teachers it’s usually a pain point for EdTech companies). It also helps to start communication between customers and vendors.

EdTech companies can reach new customers through the platform and positive opinions can help them to convince potential buyers.

The platform is based on freemium principles. It's totally free for educators and basic features are free of charge for vendors. The monetization is based on more premium features for edtech companies which allow them to make their profile more interesting and create sales opportunities. A big number of buyers is the main asset in terms of potential monetization.

Michael started his business in the UK and the growth organically a lot of users inside the country. His growth is based mostly on content marketing and direct engagement with schools. It's becoming a standard in the UK but also several users from abroad especially from international schools already started using it. Internationalization is the next big challenge for EdTech Impact. Promotion in different markets and localizations can be very challenging but the platform has the potential to become a worldwide standard.

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